2022 Honda City Hatchback RS Review Philippines: Successor

2022 Honda City Hatchback RS Review Philippines: Successor

Review Execute: The 2022 Honda City Hatchback RS is fun, practical riding, and is a worthy successor to the Jazz for the folks in the Philippines.


  • Great handling
  • Plenty of legroom in all
  • Has Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
  • Lots of configurable cargo space


  • More expensive VS in non-hatch variant.
  • Not a lot of additional features for the price

2022 Honda City Hatchback RS Specs Philippines

  • L15ZF 1.5L engine with i-VTEC
  • 119 hp @ 6,600 rpm, 145 Nm 4,300 rpm
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Forwarding: CVT
  • Suspension: MacPherson Strut (front), Torsion Beam (rear)
  • Brakes: Ventilated Ring (front) Drums (rear)

Times have been pretty tough for wildcats lovers in the Philippines, especially if you’re a Honda Stan like me. While the Jazz’s removal from the company has left a hole in my mind to this day, Honda has released a very large exclusive for completing the 2022 Honda City Hatchback RS in the country.

Honda City Hatchback RS philippines 2


If you’ve seen the new Honda Accord, you already know what to expect from the 2022 Honda City Minibus RS. The front of the player looks like the city of the previous generation, and makes it look like much of today’s gen-civilisation.

Honda City Hatchback RS philippines 12

All things that make up the current-gen city are great in the hatch variant: wing grill, slender grill, as well as DRLs, fog lights, and full LED headlights.

Honda City Hatchback RS 254

When you look at the rear of the car, you can see how different it is from a regular sedan. The Asps has a higher tail than the sedan, and also has a large, under-spread carbon face. The Office SAPS is not slapdash or poorly fitting – the additional hatchback looks very well thought out, and the car looks way sportier because of it.

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The only thing I’d change if I had to buy one of my wheels – they look too small to consider the 16 inch pins to their style – up to the size 17s, digging a little better to complete the look here.

Don’t be fooled though, this is not a Jazz – the car is not as short as the Jazz (although 8 inches shorter than the sedan) and doesn’t have the same visual appeal and iconic style.


To no surprise, the interior of the City Minibus RS is exactly the same as the Rio RS. The instrument cluster is both modern and stylish, with a lot of red accents on the screen, especially the dash, steering wheel, and glove compartment.

The entertainment system controls the 8 inch touchscreen display. It has a lot of built-in infotainment system that is connected to your phone via Android Auto or Apple Carplay. Apple and Google solutions make the most of the heavy uplifting here, which isn’t a bad thing, but they’re missing on higher terms like the Honda Sense, which is built on Honda’s more expensive Civic in line. But considering the high-end city wheelbase RS is fairly close to the price of a cheap Civic, you’d think you’d get more.

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The seats also have a red fabric, and there is enough space for five people to comfortably locate inside. Legroom in the second row is fantastic, obviously due to the nature of the car.

Pop out the back door and you’ll have access to the transport area, which is nearly the same size as the sedan. But because it is exclusive, the Honda City Hatchback RS can fold the seats flat and flat to the floor by giving you enough space to accommodate almost anything a larger SUV can. Honda dubs it the Ultra Long Tall Refresh System (ULTR) system, and comes available with large, large, large scale equipment that doesn’t necessarily fit in a traditional sedan.

Comfort and Driving Dynamics

The Honda Hatchback RS does a little differently than its sedan sibling, due to its slightly more rigid chassis. The government is firm and firm on both roads and urban streets, and the suspension did a great job of undermining the impact of potholum and bumps on our roads and not messing with the driving experience.

The car is powered by the L15ZF, the venerable Honda 1.5L engine, which has been made on countless other models. The platform has been tested and this particular pulls 119hp and 145Nm of torque with a 6,600 rpm limiter. Dual-carm i-VTEC device paired with a CVT power transmission can place the front wheels smoothly and cleanly, though it has a bit of sluggishness when carefully feeding the VS.

The car has cruise control, but it’s not adaptive so you’ll have to adjust it based on driving conditions, which is a bit annoying, especially on longer routes outside of the city. Speaking of miscarriages, fuel economy combined with 13.5 km/l for road and city driving, leaning on it in around town and continuing on to Batangas for the weekend.

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The car is also fairly safe, due to its numerous durability features such as extensive control, side screen, and knee airbags.

Honda City Hatchback RS review philippines

Wrap-up and evaluation

The 2022 Honda City Hatchback RS is a great hatch, which we found in our review in the Philippines, but not without the Jazz, and this is allowed. With fewer and fewer hatchbacks available on the market, it is one of the best hatch options you can get locally.

The biggest caveat here is that it’s pretty extravagant, starting at Php 1,125,000 for the RS model, and costing Php 1,145,000 even more if you want to get this special in color. The price hike is from the regular city Golf, which starts from Php 899,999 and goes up to about a million for the CVT model. Because it is near Civic territory, and if I had to make that election, perhaps I would have liked a little more than rendering this car a disgraceful civic, my love will be damned for exclusions.

2022 Honda City Hatchback RS Review Philippines

The Honda City 2022 Hatchback RS is priced at Php 1,125,000 and goes up to Php 1,145,000 if you own a special one in color.

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