‘Risk!’ Fans celebrate as contestant returns after 50 years to sweep the final round: ‘Payback’

‘Risk!’  Fans celebrate as contestant returns after 50 years to sweep the final round: ‘Payback’

Risk! Contestant Martha Bath returned to the show on Wednesday (September 21), 50 years after her 1972 win. “Fifty years ago this spring, I was at the original daytime show with Art Fleming in New York,” retired CPA host Ken Jennings said. She won $40 and a bunch of encyclopedias (which she still owns).

Going to Final Jeopardy, the veteran racer was far behind. She doubled her earnings by asking, “Perhaps the most famous photograph of him was taken in New Jersey in 1951 where he was disturbed by the paparazzi on his 72nd birthday” — making her the heroine of a show.

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“Who is Einstein?” Bath replied. , converting her points from $15,400 to $30,800. This allowed her to overtake former champs Emmett Stanton and Christopher Bennant. “This is much more than just a collection of encyclopedias,” Jennings said.

Viewers celebrated Bath’s whole moment on social media. one fan chirp“Congratulations Martha! Redemption after 50 years! Not only was you gorgeous, you looked radiant as you completed your brisk journey around the sun!”

else Wrote“Sad to see Emmett leave Jeopardy soon but Martha Bath is very healthy and played really well. Good for her!”

Bath returned for the next episode (September 22) and fell back during the final. While she and her competitors, Michael Minkhus and Linda Tsuboi answered the latter question correctly, “In 2011, he honored the city of Leyland, Mississippi, where Jim Henson, Henson and his clients grew up by renaming this bridge, which is also the title song,” he came home with a winning answer, What is the rainbow connection?

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I loved Martha very much and would love to see more of her. “The fact that she’s been on Jeopardy twice in her life tells me the encyclopedia collection has paid off,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

Another added, “I’m not going to lie, and I don’t really mean any disrespect for Michael, but I was very disappointed to see that Martha lost.”

Even Menchus weighed in on the topic, writing, “Martha and Linda are such great rivals and people, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to compete against them. I’ll probably come back to this comment once I get a chance to watch it all again, but in the meantime, Enjoy the episode!”

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Risk! It airs weeknights at 7/6c on ABC.

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