Pooja Hegde is amused with her beautiful waist..!

Pooja Hegde is amused with her beautiful waist..!
Beauty Pooja Hegde’s grandmother needs no special introduction to movie buffs. This Muddu Gumma, who entered the Telugu film industry with the movie Oka Laila, has already represented almost all the big heroes in the Telugu film industry and is still one of the star heroines in the Telugu film industry. Already this year Radhe Shyam and & nbsp; Acharya as the heroine in two Telugu films. Presently, Pooja Heigd will be playing the heroine in the film directed by Trivikram Srinivas starring Mahesh Babu.& nbsp;

In a few days, this cute will take part in the filming of this film. If this is the case, Pooja Hegde has already acted in Telugu as well as Tamil and Hindi films. I enjoyed the audience. This year, Pooja Hegde played the heroine in the Tamil film The Beast, which Thalapathi Vijay made as the hero. This movie was released some time ago. & nbsp; If that’s the case, then this cute one working in a series of films in Telugu, & nbsp; The Indian industry is running at full speed, also active on social media in an astonishing scale.& nbsp;

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Also, from time to time, this cute one also posts hot pictures of herself on her social media. If that’s the case, Pooja Hegde recently posted some hot pictures of herself on her social media. Recently, in the photos posted on her social media account, this cute grandmother wore a dress with a different look and gave the still images of photos to focus on the beauty of her waist and chest. Currently, these photos are spreading on social media.

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Pooja Hegde is amused with her beautiful waist..!

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