Orem Fire Department gets a new plow truck

Orem Fire Department gets a new plow truck

OREM, Utah – The Orem Fire Department has made a new addition to its fleet that firefighters say will help save lives.

Orem assistant chief of fire Sean Hurst said they started down this road years ago, and a new tiller truck will help them move forward.

“Three years into his design and I ordered it two years ago,” Hurst said.

Orem Tiller No. 33 in service now.

“This is kind of the culmination of this project,” Hurst said.

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This will change the game for the better, Hurst said, by helping with rescues and hard-to-reach places.

“I think they will see better service. This plow truck is also designed to be a heavy duty rescue. There is a driver behind that allows us to get into areas where we couldn’t get into a normal ladder truck,” Hurst said.

From now on, the truck will operate from Terminal 33, which covers Orem and Interstate 15 south to Provo and most of Vineyard.

They said the $1.6 million price tag is an investment worth it.

“We feel we can get places. We can act faster,” Hurst said.

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The operators have undergone a training course for tillage operators along with Salt Lake City firefighters during the past three weeks to work in the city, the department said.

Source : ksltv.com

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