Madden 23 Face of the Franchise: Tips and Best Situations

Madden 23 Face of the Franchise: Tips and Best Situations

If you’re one of those Madden players who refuse to waste their time in pay-to-win modes like Ultimate Team, then Madden 23’s Face of the Franchise might be the single player route you’ve been looking for.

While the single player has taken a back seat in MUT in recent years, Face of the Franchise offers a more personal way to play Madden 23. And while it doesn’t come without its problems and glitches, Madden players can relax and unwind in a less stressful NFL experience.

But what are the best positions? Madden 23 The face of privilege? How do you upgrade your player, and are the decisions you make that important to the experience as a whole? We’ll answer all of these questions and more as we delve into the face of franchise mode in Madden 23.

How does the franchise face work?

Madden NFL 23 review

Madden 23 They finally gave up on the song and dance they had been posing for for several years. You’re no longer an “omnibus potential” to look forward to in the league. You don’t have to wade through boring (and horribly written) cut scenes for three hours before you finally hit the field (with a team you don’t want to be on).

Instead, you’re a five-year vet looking for breakout season. You can choose any team in the league and you can play one of the five positions: QB, WR, RB, LB or CB. Best of all, you can have five different save files for each site, each uploaded individually as you play. For example, you could have a 90 OVR QB, an 86 OVR RB, and a 74 OVR CB with the same generated letter.

You can also change your build between lean, balanced and bruised at any time. Each comes with its own basic stats and gameplay. For example, agile players are faster than bruised but are more prone to stinging.

You will level up by earning upgrade points to invest in your special skills. But how do you get upgrade points Madden 23?

How to upgrade your player

The player upgrades his character in Madden 23.

Playing games and completing weekly activities earns you a Cred (blue) and a Rector (red). Cred allows you to buy things in the yard. At the same time, Rep is your XP and the most important thing you can earn in Face of the Franchise. The more reps you earn, the faster you level up.

The goal is to reach level 30, which places you in the 99 Club after all of your upgrade points have been allocated. But hold your horses. It won’t happen in one season. We’re on the cusp of the playoffs in our first season of RB right-back, and we’re just barely 82 total.

On the field, you will control only your player. So, if you’re an RB, you’ll just run and deliver your tracks. You will not play in defense and you will never throw the ball. You can always choose which plays you’re playing, so you can just call playing plays to yourself all the games (but that won’t work very well).

before every match

You will have a few things to do before each match. You may have to talk to your agent, Sosa, or your offensive/defensive coordinator. The most important things for you to do are to set your weekly goals and side activities. But what are the best activities and goals to set?

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Set realistic goals

A player sets their weekly goals in Madden 23.

While it sounds like corporate language, setting realistic weekly goals is the best thing you can do for yourself. Some goals are beyond your control, especially in terms of defense, and others are out of reach. You will always have three options: easy, medium and hard. Each goal earns you more rep based on the difficulty level.

Pictured above, our easy goal, “Rush for 50 Yards,” is highly achievable. The average goal, “Rush for 2 Touchdowns,” is certainly possible. But our third goal, “get 10 yards per load,” is to limit the impossible. One poor run can derail our burst rate, leaving a lot of reps on the table. In this case, we choose the weekly target of “two drops”.

You will also get goals periodically before each drive. The same principle applies. Choose goals within your control that are reasonably achievable. Don’t just take it easy.

Fill in your week (stamina doesn’t matter)

Player put his weekly activities in Madden 23.

You will also choose daily activities before each game. One day will always be devoted to training, while the other days can earn you stat boosts for the next match(s), such as +3 Strength or +2 Speed. Some activities earn you Cred, but if you don’t care about annihilation, avoid them in favor of stat boosting activities.

Choose credential building activities only when it comes to brand awareness. This is how you get a Nike contract. Unfortunately, a Nike contract doesn’t do anything to your overall character or performance on the field.

You have the option of not going to anything, which gives you +1 stamina for the next match. But we’ve found there’s no reason not to fill your schedule. Most activities give you a boost of stamina anyway, especially the pre-match day activities. We also never found stamina to be an issue. Our RB plays every moment, runs tracks and makes deliveries. He never got tired, even after a busy week.

In terms of practice, it is worth practicing the exercises at first to get familiar with the game. Camera angles are a little different, and you won’t get enough pre-season drives to get used to. You can repeat the exercises until you feel comfortable. After that, simulate the practice every week. Trying to get gold isn’t worth losing time for an extra 75 reps (you’ll always earn 25 from a bronze).

Best face for franchise positions in Madden 23

So, the question remains: what face of the center of excellence should you play in Madden 23? We’ve ranked each available position from favorite to least preferred and detailed the pros and cons of each.

running back

So far, we’ve had the most fun playing RB versus franchise mode. If you choose a team with strong QB, you should be on your way to Club 99. The gameplay is also more fun as RB. You can run the tracks in the scrolling game and hit the rock in the running game.

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Screen swipes are difficult to operate while controlling RB, so we avoid them. Most of the time, Patrick Mahomes throws it toward the sidelines and away from the blocked defenders.

You’ll also be a regressing quarterback, which means you’ll play first, second, and third (while most teams have a relegated third team like JD McKissic or James White before retiring).

You can always request the ball in a pass game by pressing the X (A on Xbox) button while your path is playing. If QB hasn’t decided yet, they will always throw the ball to you if you ask (even if it’s a bad idea).


While most players will start with the name QB, you will learn how tight your hands are Madden 23. It’s hard to get used to the camera, especially the one that puts you behind the QB’s thigh. You can pull the camera back by tapping on the D-pad, but the field is still hard to read compared to standard gameplay.

But playing QB gives you the most control over each game. Since you’ll start automatically wherever you play (The Bucs will sit on Brady against your 74 OVR QB), choose a team you like or one with a playbook you enjoy running. You can’t change the rules of the game once you’ve chosen a team, so keep that in mind.

For example, we choose the 49ers because we love them, not because they gave us the best offer. We’ll get into that more later.

The only thing you can’t do is pre-load motion receivers. Movement is a huge part of playing Madden 23, as it places receivers in new locations based on coverage. For some reason, the privilege face doesn’t allow you to have action receptors like QB.

You can pre-move yourself when playing RB or WR. Therefore, it is clear that the mechanics are present in this game mode. We hope EA fixes this, as it hurts the limits of QB play in the face of the franchise.

wide future

Offense is clearly the best option in the face of privilege situation. We ranked WR even lower until we knew your gameplay didn’t really matter. You can realistically run wherever you want in a play and then order the ball when you’re open. Be careful, though. If I throw a QB to you on its own, it will throw based on the designed path, not your own improvised path.

Make sure you pick a team that has a good QB, like the Chiefs, Bills or Bucs, to get the most out of your WR career. You can also orient yourself (and other receivers) in each game, even when playing RB. However, the button icons won’t appear, so you’ll have to quickly tell the recipient’s name when you point them.

It’s also a little inconsistent when you’re picking up a pass automatically and when you have to catch a RAC, aggressiveness or possession. We believe you will catch the ball automatically when the CPU throws the ball without you asking. But, if you ask, get ready to press X, Square, or Triangle to catch the ball.


While it sounds great on paper, the defense wasn’t fun in a franchise showdown setting. Of the two, we enjoyed playing LB left-back more than playmaker CB, but by a small margin. You are more involved as the LB, playing the run and covering the middle tracks in the passing game.

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CB was our least favorite experience. It’s almost impossible to know when crime is running the ball until the announcers say something. We also felt the CPU do most of the work in the scrolling game. The few times the ball came our way, our safety was there to break it up.

Be careful of illegal block in the background penalties

This is a quick but important tip. When you’re out running on the open field, and your teammate receives the ball, make sure you don’t accidentally push the defender from behind. This results in an illegal block in the back penalty kick and will cost you 10 yards from the foul spot.

We found this very annoying when running WR and running mid-domain network concepts. All the players defend together, and we take our eyes off our character to see where the ball went. Then we accidentally pushed someone from behind, and the yellow flag came out.

Choose your favorite team

This air strike is an example of one of the disturbing new animations for Madden NFL 23.

The game tells you all about salary, planned suitability, Cred earnings, and Rep, but none of that really matters. Just pick your favorite NFL team or the one you like best as QB, and get to work on it. You’ll always be the initiator, so don’t worry about making the team or putting you at the top of the depth chart.

Money also does not matter. It’s not like you can buy cool stuff for your apartment. The only “cash” thing that matters is Rep points because that’s how you level up your player.

Change the camera angle

The default camera in Face of the Franchise is pretty bad. As a QB, you can only see half of the field. As a receiver or RB, you have no idea when you’ll get the ball your way. It’s not too bad in defense, but we prefer playing behind the defender for a more immersive experience.

To change the camera, press the D-Pad once to get a more traditional attack camera. In defense, press the D-Pad to zoom in on the image behind your player. You cannot use the traditional cam (such as the franchise or MUT) on either side of the ball.

There are no consequences

The franchise face doesn’t feel that there are any consequences to your playing or your decision making. Even if you throw seven picks into the game, you will still finish the game and start the next week. Your offensive coordinator will tell you how to “light it up there,” and your agent Sosa will get you a satisfying new deal.

Sadly, this takes away any sense of “winning” from the Face of the Franchise mode. The game does not reward you much. For example, our RB set his one-season TD record and week 15 yardage, and all we got was a quick “congratulations” message from the in-game rating adjuster. No extra rep, no extra upgrade points. nothing.

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