LIVE Cup 2022 LIVE: Roger Federer plays his last match alongside Rafael Nadal after defeating Andy Murray.

LIVE Cup 2022 LIVE: Roger Federer plays his last match alongside Rafael Nadal after defeating Andy Murray.

Emotional Roger Federer wishes he could ‘go on forever’ as he prepares to retire from tennis

Follow live updates as Roger Federer bids farewell to tennis and plays the final of his career alongside Rafael Nadal in the Laver Cup. Federer, perhaps considered the greatest champion in tennis history, will retire from the sport at the age of 41, and this moment has brought the sport and its rivals together at the O2 Arena.

Federer’s wish to play his last match with his great rival Nadal was granted, setting up a special occasion with Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray also on Team Europe. They will face Team World, led by John McEnroe and have lost all four previous editions of the match-style event.

Before my husband tonight, three singles matches were played. Casper Rudd won the opening match of the day against Jack Sock 6-4 5-7 (10-7), followed by Stefanos Tsitsipas by crushing Diego Schwartzman 6-2 6-1 to double Europe’s lead.

However, the match was overshadowed by a bizarre climate change protest in which a man set his arm on fire while on the field, while wearing a T-shirt that read: “End UK Private Jets”.

Murray then faced Alex de Minaur, with Team World taking their first point after a long 5-7 6-3 (10-7) win, before the eyes of the world focused on Federer for the last time and the Swiss brought his legendary career to an end. Follow live updates for the opening day of the Laver Cup, below:


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 7-5 3-6 (7-10) Alex de Minaur – Play, select the match and do it!

At 2 hours and 28 minutes, it will definitely be the longest match of the tournament. De Minaur’s victory means Team World gets its first Laver Cup point.

“I just wanted to do everything I could to win for my team,” says de Minaur. “I’m about to get there. There wasn’t a lot of tactics, it was a fight.”

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Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 7-5 3-6 (7-10) Alex de Minaur – Play, select the match and do it!

Once again, Murray hangs one, but de Minaur flashes on it – he sent a far forehand! Another lifeline for Murray.

number! Nadal puts his head in his hands! Murray drops the ball into the net. This was not the option. 6-8 to De Minaur.

Good service. the end. I will do it. 7-8.

Ah, it looks like Murray has put one long way off the baseline. It challenges, but the hawk confirms it. 7-9.

Match Point de Minor. He puts in a great serve and only Murray can put the return in the net. There is a nice exchange between the players.

That was a great effort game but de Minaur in the end had a lot in the tank.


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 7-5 3-6 Alex de Minaur – tie-break

Super from Murray! An exquisitely constructed point that sees him meet De Minaur’s pass over the net before making a nice touch. Team Europe is back on its feet.

But, speaking of touch, De Minaur pulls Murray with a beautiful drop shot that Murray can’t get enough of.

Followed by a gift where De Minaur frames one badly – none of the players have been able to run together yet.

number! There’s another long run but Murray rides away after staying alive at this point. De Minaur leads 6-4.

This is better! Murray plants a corner winner on a full shot. If he manages to reach the level, he will press de Minor.

Wow, that’s a bold Aussie! He skips because a shot that falls drips over the net. There was not much in it. He leads 7-5 when changing.


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 7-5 3-6 Alex de Minaur – tie-break

Momentum with De Minaur – but can Murray find one last effort? De Minaur got off to a great start on his serve, clearing the winner with a forehand.

Amazing – these guys can be very similar sometimes. De Minaur keeps the point alive as Murray can’t shake off the onslaught, but De Minaur shoots into the net.

Then Murray loses the little break as his aerial shot continues from midfield for a long distance.

Gorgeous De Minaur – finds the pass back from the baseline, while Murray looks away in frustration.

Next, De Minaur pulls a wide forehand, giving Murray a chance to flatten the serve, but again the advantage goes when Murray pushes with a forehand.

De Minaur leads 4-2 in the change.


Laver Cup 2022: * Andy Murray 7-5 3-6 Alex de Minaur – World wins second set!

De Minor breaks to take the second set in style!

Race at 0-40 with a wave of winners. Murray had an uphill struggle and although he recovered two points, the Australian closed it off.

The second group has always gone this way, it seems. We now head to the tiebreak.

The first to win 10 points.


Laver Cup 2022: * Andy Murray 7-5 3-5 Alex de Minaur

Murray sets a forehand for a forehand, and sends it into the middle zone, where de Minaur hits the ball into the net. Murray raises his hand in apology but the Australian was struggling with those shots.

30-30, the nets de Minaur move to a shot! More nerves from him and Murray looks at the breaking point.

Ah, that was an opportunity. Murray puts a soft backhand into the net, but more roars from the bench follow as Murray saves another chance, but she faces the same fate! moaning.

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Satan again. This time De Minaur steps in to push away the winner with a forehand, and the Australian raises his fist as Murray’s comeback drags on for a long time.


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 7-5 3-4 Alex de Minaur *

Murray plants an impressive forehand winner across the field to hold on to the love, and there’s more spring in his step as he returns to the bench. Djokovic tends to give a tip or two – which is great to see. Can Murray help him achieve the breakthrough he needs?

Those off-pitch scenes are great, too.


Laver Cup 2022: * Andy Murray 7-5 2-4 Alex de Minaur

Meanwhile, Federer and Nadal warm up off the court, on exercise bikes, stretching, and getting massages.

De Minaur is back on his dispatch. Putting the forward pass away. He again needs two attempts to fend off Murray after interfering, but in the end he met the back volley and put it into the corner.


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 7-5 2-3 Alex de Minaur *

Djokovic…looks like he’s sleeping on the bench?

We’re past nine, and we’re struggling. Murray falters a bit after serving a winner – but can’t get past De Minaur as the Australian puts himself well in the net.

But this time de Minaur cut his shot very well. Murray holds.


Laver Cup 2022: * Andy Murray 7-5 1-3 Alex de Minaur

Murray gets an instant look at De Minaur’s serve at 0-30, but this time the Australian is emphasizing to shake off the crushing blow when he hits 30-30.

Serving helps him up to 40-30, and then again – with hawkeye’s help and challenge – to get hold of.

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