Háh Mighty’s song “Honey Bun” is a mood song from Increase: Stream

Háh Mighty’s song “Honey Bun” is a mood song from Increase: Stream

Háh Mighty is back with “Honey Bun,” a new sad song about the shallow pleasures of fame. Listen to the track below.

“Honey Bun” by Bizness Boi and Derelle Rideout always represents the mindset of desire bone Once you experience success. In a press release, Mighty explained that after the breakup, she turned to the material benefits of her rap career for comfort, only to realize that owning a set of Prada and Balenciaga can only make you so happy.

The end of that relationship was the end of stability and certainty for some time. You broke my trust. This means that my value system around building relationships has completely changed. When I once searched for authenticity in a new connection, I found that my desires were only superficial,” Mighty recalls. “I turned aggressively to self-validation, acknowledging my dependence on this person only after I had fallen behind. I started relying heavily on having lots of good looking partners, money, designing clothes, drugs, and any other way to escape the pain. “Honey Bun” is a toxic part of my journey, but it’s mixed with the inner struggle of getting to know better at the bottom.

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Showing off his seemingly lavish lifestyle, Mighty finished the Honey Bun with a voice from his dad, which explains what’s really important. “I’m thinking of parenting advice, ‘I don’t need anything but you, this is with Mom/Dad,'” and while I’m still singing about the need for ‘Another,’ my dad can be heard through the other, she explained, “Discrediting the whole song by meeting you for what beauty really is.” “You are reminded that just as your true purpose is found within you, the true purpose of another is within. In general, this song is a reminder that there is nothing deep. “

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Listen to “Honey Bun” below. Mighty’s last project was the 2021 mixed tape stock trading, Which included the songs of the singles “Protest”, “Atlantic” and “Flamenco”.

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