Dan Orlovsky summons Matt Rowley for ‘malpractice’

Dan Orlovsky summons Matt Rowley for ‘malpractice’
  • ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky called Panthers coach Matt Ryol for “training misconduct.”
  • While watching the Carolina game on Sunday, Orlovsky identified a hill, based on where the Panthers were positioned as they run back Christian McCaffrey before the snap.
  • Orlovsky was amazed that such oversight could occur on an NFL coaching staff.

Dan Orlovsky isn’t mad at the Carolina Panthers, he’s just frustrated.

Well, actually, Orlovsky is also very angry with them.

After a segment of the film was shattered on ESPN’s NFL Live Thursday, former quarterback turned commentator Matt Roll and his Panthers staff were accused of “training misconduct” after quickly learning about a mistake in the Carolina crime.

“This is my favorite bar of the year so far,” Orlovsky said. “Straight forward, that’s not acceptable. Honestly, it’s coaching misconduct. And any Panthers fan from home, you literally have to go send this to the Panthers organization.”

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In the tape, Orlovsky explains that the Panthers were telegraphing Sunday telegraph plays based on where running back Christian McCaffrey was placed in the background at the gun shots.

In plays in which McCaffrey lined up behind quarterback Baker Mayfield, the play was either a clear round, or an RPO (pass option). In the plays in which McCaffrey lined up with Mayfield, it was a fleeting one.

“These aren’t cherry-picked videos,” Orlovsky stressed, as he demonstrated the same scenario seen in Panthers Arena over and over again.

“Right now, the Carolina Panthers are giving up playing — running or passing — for defenses,” Orlovsky said.

On Friday, Rolle responded to Orlovsky’s criticism after he was asked about it after practice.

“Yes, I saw something special to Dan,” said Rule. “I’ve had it long enough. I’ve seen enough coaches come out and say, every time they do, they will.” Then it’s a mistake, and I disagree with it.

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“For us, when we put Christian in the deep we kind of get into a running group. From that – we either turn it on, we read it into the zone, we point it left, we run it on the same our bigger passes were from that back set, that we play it out. So if you tell me we line up, and we turn it on, we throw and play from there, it’s very balanced.”

In fact, many people following the drama posted videos of plays in which McCaffrey was lining up away from Mayfield, but the Panthers still passed the ball.

Although I haven’t gone back and flagged every match of this game, chances are that Roll and Orlovsky both have a point.

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Yes, the Panthers ran some plays that ran counter to their penchant for passing as McCaffrey was running when he was lining up behind Mayfield. However, Orlovsky noted a trend, and an NFL team doesn’t have to follow a trend 100% of the time for the defense to gain an advantage based on the trend.

With Carolina no win and hosting the Saints this week, there will be a good chance to check back in on the Panthers attack next week. Perhaps Orlovsky’s direction is right, and the saints know what’s coming, but it’s also possible that Rhule could take a shot at the heart of a long hoax and completely change things.

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