Chapter 962

Chapter 962

Chapter 962

It was this Fifthvery important.

When there was a spy among the chief executives of a large family, it means that the family is completely doomed.

First, collect all the family core. Don’t leave anyone behind. Then, come with me to see the Grandmaster. This matter is of paramount importance to the family and may destroy us.”

“Yes, Lord Orson!”

All Tuffin family cores said out loud at the same time.

after three days.

Orson brought all the cores of the Tuffin family to the planet where the Grandmaster lived in seclusion.

This was also a barren planet, so it was relatively small.

Only the old master and some servants who served him lived here.

The Milky Way landed, Orson disembarked first, followed by the Tuvin family cores.

Flying was not allowed here, so Orson could only lead the others to walk to the place where the great master lived in seclusion.

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And soon they arrived outside the valley.

“I am Orson, the current head of the Tuffin family. I own

Orson screamed out of the valley.

Orson soon heard a voice.


Then Orson led the crowd into the valley.

When they entered the valley, they found that it was completely different from the outside.

The world outside was barren, but it was like heaven here.

It was a beautiful spring day, butterflies were flying.

There were also fish swimming in the pool.

Other than that, there were countless precious animals and plants here.

Orson was not interested in admiring the landscape.

He walked into a simple wooden building with the essence of the Tuffin family.

Then he got on his knees and said respectfully, “Orson, the current head of the Tuvin family, is here to see you, Grand Master.”

“The Tuffin family’s disappointments are here to see you, Grandmaster!”

The rest of the Tuffin family fell to their knees and screamed.

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“What is the matter?” An old sound came from the wooden house.

“Grand Master…”

Orson told the senior chief all about how Pavan discovered Earth, an original living planet, and then died after he brought the news back to the family. After that, the Tuffin family held a meeting to select a head from the younger generation to plant the slave mark, which then shattered the plate of Adan’s life. Now, nine and lonely are also lost.

Having said that, Orson knelt on the ground and did not dare to breathe.

He was very quietly waiting for the teacher to speak.

Even if Orson was a peak Cosmos Ranker, he would still feel tremendous pressure when facing the Grandmaster, who had an amazing age and terrifying strength.

Meanwhile, the other core executives of the Tuffin family were as well

Sweating profusely like a broken dam.

“Do you have any ideas of what happened?” After a while, Grand Master asked.

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“Grand Master, we came up with three possibilities. First, there is a spy among the family’s core executives, so mission information was leaked, and we were stopped by the Allaband family or the Dallarosa family.

Secondly, Adan and the rest collided with powerful galaxy monsters in their path, and they were killed.

“Third, they encountered an extremely powerful space pirate, and killed Adan before capturing the lonely Nine,” Orson said respectfully.

“What martial power do you think you need to achieve all of these?”

“Grand Master, Eden is a middle-ranked Cosmos holder. In addition to the Burning Blood Potion, they might need to be at a Partial Heavenly Rank or a Beginner’s Heavenly Rank.”


After Orson said that, he could feel a terrifying ball of energy engulfing him and engulfing everyone at the scene.

All of them were trembling with fear in front of this energy.

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