Archie Horror Spreads Festive Fear With Happy HorrorDays

Archie Horror Spreads Festive Fear With Happy HorrorDays

Archie Comics has announced it’s wishing readers a seriously spooky holiday season with the latest Archie Horror, the all-new one-shot comic. happy Halloweenslated for release in December.

The leadership of the anthologies is a return to a world Jughead: Hunger by creators Frank Terry (dead listand jo esmaGood morning), while the second story of Joanne Starr (Sirens of the cityand artist Butch Mabastar WarsSees the return of Sheila Wu and the collection ends with a terrifying twist on Archie Christmas’s primary character, Sugar Plum, Santa’s fictional assistant, by writer Joe Corallo.She said Palmyraand artist Patrick ByazalungaProject sponsor).

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“Just the night before Christmas, and all over the house, no creature was moving not even… a werewolf?! The holidays are looking a little different in Riverdale this year – Santa isn’t in sight anywhere but Krampus is on a rampage! Who can Take him down?Why only someone can meet his match, and this favorite person/monster hunter.That’s right, WereJug returns to do battle with the horned and hoofed holiday monster with Betty Cooper in his corner!Then, we delve into the true story of Icelandic Christmas cats, Jólakötturinn, and her master – Sheila Wu?! Finally, Reggie meets a cute girl who he takes to the holiday dance – but things aren’t what they seem when Reggie’s life is systematically unraveled! The holidays are terrifying in this special horror anthology that unites the Jughead: the Hunger!

Archie’s Happy Days of Horror goes on sale December 14th.

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